Tutor Lectures

1. Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou UNIT 5– Working Methods Lecture

2. Regner Ramos UNIT 5 – Urban Problematics & Exploration Lecture.


Urban Transcripts 2012: London, the (n)ever-changing city full Workshop Programme


Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou’s Monographs on relevant subject areas available from Amazon & other major booksellers worldwide:

Visualising Boolean Set Operations: Real & Virtual Boundaries in Contemporary Site-specific Art,

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2009 (ISBN-10: 383833051X, ISBN-13: 978-3838330518,

EAN: 9783838330518).

New Types of Drawing in Fine Art: The Role of Fluidity in the Creation Process, LAP LAMBERT

Academic Publishing, 2010 (ISBN-10: 3838348389, ISBN-13: 978-3838348384, EAN:


Operative Intersections: Between Site-Specific Drawing and Spatial Digital Diagramming, LAP

LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2010 (ISBN-10: 3838351932, ISBN-13: 978-3838351933, EAN:


Interstitiality in Contemporary Art and Architecture: An Inter-passage from Delineating to Unfolding

the Boundaries of Space, LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2012 (ISBN-13: 978-3-8383-7501-4,

ISBN-10: 3838375017, EAN: 9783838375014).


Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou’s articles in

Le Journal Spéciale Z


Leonardo ISAST/MIT


Useful online references (compiled by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou)

a. Mapping

1. Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA, Bartlett, UCL) suggest the development of more sophisticated viualisations where description is the starting point, while “embracing” “the ubiquity of data visualisations of social phenomena”. An essential resource for the latest mapping methods:

– Examples on city densities & flows:

– London social networking mapping: &

2. This video introduces Urban Network Analysis concepts that are implemented in the City Form Lab’s Urban Network Analysis Toolbox for ArcGIS. It demonstrates how new data and analysis approaches not only transform the way we think about cities in comparison to each other, but also improve our understanding of urban environments at the fine urban design scale.

b. Spatial Intervention & Architecture cases

1. An example of the clash of evolution and emergence with the city-substrata defines the relationship between hyper-, infra- and super-structures can be seen in Usman Haque’s SkyEar (2004), &

2. Greg Lynn’s ‘deep space’ dynamic design dealing with the issues of contextual specificity:

3. Eisenman’s Nordliches Devendorf 1992 (useful to see the indirect generation of architectural boundaries through interference, superposition & grafting processes: (from Eisenman, Peter, Diagram Diaries, Thames and Hudson, London, 1999)

4. May also look at the Urban Transcripts 2011 Workshop on drawing the invisible city-layers of Rome:


Additional References (on multi-dimensional mapping, compiled by Riccardo Conti)

“Julie Mehretu’s Intensive Cartographies” in Immanent Terrain: Art after Deleuze 2011-2 Blog,


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