Welcome to Mapping Emergence: Nomads, Nodes, Strings & Paths

Mapping Emergence: Nomads, Nodes, Strings & Paths workshop unit 5 took place in London during 3 – 8 December 2012, as part of the Urban Transcripts 2012: London, the (n)ever-changing city international workshop on the city.

The workshop unit was developed and led by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou (also a Curatorial Committee & Project Review Committee Member) as the guest tutor responsible for the development of the creative methodologies of urban research, exploration, analysis, and design, together with Regner Ramos as the host tutor responsible for the thematic framework of the workshop, its urban problematics and for organising and conducting the urban exploration of London.

Workshop participants included an international group of Polytecnico di Milano Graduate & Postgraduate students with a background in architecture, urban planning, interaction design, mobile media and other fields. The workshop participants were: Valentina Chiesa, Riccardo Conti, Zlatina Kalaydzhieva & Hediyeh Miri.

Mapping Emergence is currently expanded further as an independent  initiative and a dedicated blog has been created for this purpose. The Mapping Emergence Blog functions as a digital platform, promoting the initiative’s series of past and forthcoming international activities and projects, developing an online forum, facilitating the announcements of its members activities, and supporting the dissemination of the relevant resources including research material and publications.

The Mapping Emergence Blog has been conceived, created & edited by Dr Eugenia Fratzeskou


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